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Social Media Optimization, or SMO, is the process of utilizing the power of social media. SMO is closely linked with SMO is closely associated to SEO (search engine optimization) and both these optimization methods are usually used together.

As we know Internet has variety of hundreds of social media websites. There are social media assessment sites such as Attensity,Statsit to judge your social presence, blogs like Blogger,WordPress,Bloglist,Daily blog Micro blogging sites like Twitter, Dailybooth,social networks like Facebook,orkut and Google plus,myspace.Events, place websites like Eventful, and informatory sites like bookmarking sites like Delicious, video sharing,promotion sites like YouTube,dailymotion and Gaming sites like Empire Avenue,Ibibo,Travian.Others are wikis, entertainment sites, social news sites, , social navigation sites and leisure sites. Social medial optimization means harnessing the power of these sites for you to get the most out of these sites.

The focus with SMO is getting traffic from other sources and not from search engines as is the SMO capitalize on the concept of viral marketing through word of mouth.SMO is also widely used in online brand reputation management. Some organizations use SMO for knowledge Transfer and management, staffing solutions, better product development, brand building and management, and customer relationship management.


  • To attract unique targeted visitors
  • To retain organic and targetted traffic
  • To achieve viral publicity within short span of time
  • To save on advertising costs on Media like Television,Radio


SMO will begin with the creation of quality content in vast array of social media sites over the internet as well as the begining of promotional campaigns in social media. It will be involving the posting of status updates, entering in discussion groups,commenting on popular blogs,Tagging and blog comment replies. SMP also comprises of the adding of social media features like social news buttons, RSS feeds, polling tools, sharing buttons,video and image tagging tools and user rating tools to your website.Please find below the links for detailed SMO packages


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